Made to enjoy!

Dear Guest,

I am delighted to present you Villa Monatazh - Sharm el Sheikh, a private, modern, spacious, comfortable place to be for your next holiday.

I would love to point out a few exceptionally good features of this house that will help you understand the magic of this holiday home:


The incredible accessibility of the outdoors trough 10 meters long foldable windows creates a great indoor-outdoor ambient for you to enjoy the company of your family and friends at last. Because of this great feature, you will be able to stand in front of the stoves and still be part of the talks going on by the pool!


It is in a quite area. You can wake up to the most beautiful view of the Red Sea but if its all spoiled by acoustic pollution then its all spoiled. Around here only the silence really, some birds maybe…


It is totally private, completely enclosed and safe. If you have kids they can run around within the whole premises without worries of them running outside, same for you fury friends. Besides, even though you have a sea view from the pool deck, nobody can look inside from the street level.


It is meant to be a place where you feel comfortable and at home but not too much as you want to feel better than your ordinary days, don’t you?

So here you go, Villa Montazah is spacious so allows for everyone to find its own quite corner also; it is bright so you are able to see outside at all times; it is well equipped so you wont miss anything, it is modern because modern is good and practical; it is immersed in this beautiful place called Red See Riviera which speaks for itself!

As owner and user myself of this property over the past 18 years, I can definitely say you will make a happy holiday in here. The villa has been designed, built & furnished for us, a family of 5 with a good load of friends and family coming along. Quality, quality and quality was what I had in mind from stage one of this project, after all it was for ourselves.

I will be happy if by living in Villa Montazah - Sharm El Sheikh you will feel the same sense of total relaxation as we do!

Have a look at this website and tell me what you think or contact me for any enquiry/question.

Big hugs


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